Game Based Learning

Game as a learning tool provides chances to simulate real situaon in business management and decision making. We designed a custom-made game for you to experience the benefits of game based learning method in delivering important values of leadership in business environment.

Fun and Engaging Learning Process

The whole program is designed to make sure parcipants enjoy and be fully engaged in the learning process, through group discussions, dynamic and interacve sessions, and experienal learning method.

Be Agile and Adaptive

The world is moving faster than ever! Reading the situaon and readying yourself to adapt might be the biggest asset you can have as a leader. Join us and learn how we can opmize and adjust our targets in accordance to a company’s needs.

Easy to Implement

Easily implement Game Based Learning protocols on your own aer the session. Learn the basic and experience it yourself, bring home the game and the protocol, so you can try it yourself and see the impact in your working environment.


  • 18 years experience as a professional.
  • Leading commercial team in both national & multinational corporation (Kimberly Clarks, AORA TV, Mead Johnson Indonesia, Netania, etc).
  • Provide training facilitation, coaching & consulting in the past 10 years with clients range from start up to state-owned & global companies.
  • Content maker & host of #IndonesiaBersaing talkshow since 2011.
  • A true believer of gamication potentials since it’s early introduction in Indonesia.
  • CEO of Kummara Game Design Studio
  • Portfolio of Gamication and Game Based Learning Project for companies & institutions (BCA, ASTRA, PLN, KPK, HIVOS, etc).
  • Nominee of Gamication World Award, Barcelona 2015.
  • Research collaboration with universities and institutions (ITB, UNISBA, IMH Singapore, Queensland University of Technology, MIT Education Arcade, etc).
  • Pioneer and evangelist of Game Based Learning and Gamication in Indonesia.

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